Nutcracker 6 Piece Bar Tool Set

$150.00 USD

Crafted with refinement, this Nutcracker 6 Piece Bar Tool Set is sure to elevate your cocktail hour. Each piece of this luxurious collection possesses a unique charm and is carefully designed to elevate your bar tools.
  • Handmade
  • India
  • Material: Stainless Steel 
  • Color: Stainless

    Overall Dimensions

    • Bottle Opener 7.50"L x 1.60"W x .75"H
    • Double Jigger 6.0"L x 1.60"W x .75"H
    • Stirring Spoon 10.25"L x 1.60"W x .75"H
    • Bar Knife 8.0"L x 1.60"W x .75"H
    • Strainer 8.0"L x 1.60"W x .75"H
    • Tree Shaped Stand: 10.50"L x 4.60"W x 15.50"H

    General Care

    • Hand-Wash Recommended