Dublin Crystal Casino Poker Set

$50.00 USD


Our Dublin collection is a celebration of the long history of crystal-cut glass. The elegance paired with a brilliant-cut pattern creates timeless pieces in design and refined additions to your home. Casino poker set with chips and playing cards. Its superior quality makes the casino set perfect for game nights and special occasions. The durable case keeps these pieces secure, allowing you to enjoy your game nights without worry.

  • Semi-Handmade
  • Imported
  • Material: Unleaded Crystal
  • Color: Clear

    Overall Dimensions

    • 2 DOF 3.23"L x 3.23"W x 3.86"H 11oz
    • 2 Playing Cards Sets
    • 20 Black Poker Chips
    • 20 White Poker Chips
    • 20 Blue Poker Chips
    • 20 Green Poker Chips
    • 20 Red Poker Chips
    • 1 Dealer Chip

    General Care

    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Hand-Wash Recommended