Dublin Crystal Bitters Set

$65.00 USD

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The Dublin Crystal Bitters Set is a tribute to the rich heritage of hand-cut crystal. Its exquisite brilliance and intricately crafted pattern add a timeless touch of sophistication to any home. Elevate your cocktail game with this stunning set.

  • Semi-Handmade
  • Imported
  • Material: Unleaded Crystal
  • Color: Clear

    Overall Dimensions

    • Small Bottle 2.43"L x 2.43"W x 5.81"H 5.25oz
    • Short Bottle 3.37"L x 3.37"W x 6.12"H 9.75oz
    • Tall Bottle 2.31"L x 2.31"W x 8.12"H 8.60oz
    • Mixing Pitcher 4.31"L x 3.68"W x 6.5"H 24oz
    • Spoon 8.62"L x 1.12"W x 37"H

    General Care

    • Hand-Wash Recommended