Jill Zarin Flamingo Espresso Mug, Set of 4

$20.00 USD

The Jill Zarin Flamingo Espresso Mug set showcases her passion for entertaining and interior design. Inspired by her favorite destination, the beach, this collection embodies affordable luxury with its elegant and high-quality design. Sip your morning espresso in style with the Jill Zarin Flamingo Espresso Mug set. Each sip will transport you to your favorite destination - the beach. Crafted with top-notch quality and an eye for design, this collection brings affordable luxury to your everyday routine.
  • Semi-Handmade
  • Imported
  • Material: Porcelain 
  • Color: White, Pink, & Tan

    Overall Dimensions

    • 3.50"L x 2.50"W x 2.30"H
    • 4.0oz

      General Care

      • Dishwasher Safe
      • Hand-Wash Recommended