Sunflower Chip-n-Dip

$40.00 USD

This unique and handcrafted sunflower chip and dip is a one-of-a-kind addition to your summer soirées. Exquisite and perfect for any occasion, it is elevate your gatherings to a whole new level. Impress your guests with this exquisite sunflower chip and dip. Handcrafted and one-of-a-kind, it will boost your summer soirées to an entirely new level of refinement. Perfect for any occasion, indulge in this unique piece and add a touch of luxury to your gatherings.
  • Semi-Handmade
  • Imported
  • Material: Dolomite
  • Color: Yellow & Black

    Overall Dimensions

    • 12.25"L x 12.25"W x 1.90"H

    General Care

    • Hand-Wash Only